My name is Lynn, I have a wonderful husband and five great kids! (well, it depends on the day and I am sure they all feel the same about me!) I have been scrapbooking for a number of years and I am sure like most of you my scrapbooking style has changed dramatically. One thing that definitely hasn't changed is my passion for taking pictures and creating works of art in my scrapbook pages. I love to look back over the years and just remember the moments. I always tell people to take lots of pictures, even if you don't have the time now to scrapbook everything you will never regret having the pictures. I also don't feel the need to scrapbook every single picture! I know that in my lifetime I could never accomplish this nor do I want to. I like to just scrap the pictures that I love! I am scrapbooking because I love to not because I have to.
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